With a deep understanding of many country and regional environments and dynamics, Nathan’s infrastructure experts plan, assess, finance, structure and implement projects that enable sustainable economic development and growth.

Our established team of economists, sector and financial specialists, urban planners and engineers collaborate to create viable solutions that are appropriate for each locality, carefully navigating complex, dynamic environments and relationships.

We deliver high‐impact results to clients, helping them to rationalize investment, create value, improve performance, manage growth, achieve economic and financial sustainability, and incorporate global environmental sustainability considerations. Nathan’s analytic and economic experts have deep sector experience spanning port and maritime, renewable energy, road and rail transport, aviation, and telecom.

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Nathan provides clients with holistic, strategic, and tactical insights to guide critical decisions on resource allocation and project development. Consistently driving success within complex stakeholder environments, we are your partner through every phase of the program, ensuring it meets economic, social, financial, and environmental targets. Clients trust Nathan with all phases of technical due diligence, including; inspecting construction work for compliance with sound engineering practices, monitoring progress and performance, ensuring that operations and  investments comply with the agreement provisions, and identifying gaps or inefficiencies in technical, operational, and financial performance.

Asset Performance Assessment & Monitoring

Developing affordable and mutually beneficial infrastructure services requires a deep understanding of how to ensure and enable program success within complex stakeholder environments. Nathan’s proven in-house experts dig deeper, challenge assumptions, and push boundaries to provide strategically insightful regulations, guidelines, and pricing models designed to encourage private investment and competition. Clients rely on us to assess cost recovery and affordability of infrastructure services, assist with market definition, perform market assessments to detect anti-competitive behavior, and provide guidance on designing, planning, and executing regulatory strategies.

Competition & Economic Regulation

Clients trust us to holistically inform their critical infrastructure decision-making with fact-based options and insights. Using a proactive, disciplined approach, Nathan assesses market demand and evaluates the economic and financial feasibility of proposed investments. With uncompromising standards for excellence, we evaluate current conditions and facilities and forecast demand and economic growth patterns. To determine the viability of each project, our experts explore financial and operational alternatives for capacity expansion and identify and analyze potential environmental and social impacts. Our proprietary tools, models, and frameworks link infrastructure planning, trade, and transport facilitation with market-driven feasibility analyses and performance assessments for the most modern, streamlined, and advanced project functions and capabilities.

Master Planning & Market, Financial, & Economic Feasibility Studies

Private sector participation in infrastructure projects can generate substantial value for governments and users. However, to ensure success, it’s critical to know and balance the significant risks and costs between all parties. Nathan’s multi-disciplinary in-house experts work in tightly integrated teams to identify these factors and make recommendations that will lead to productive relationships between governments, developers, and investors. With long-term and extensive international experience and relationships, we provide insight into all aspects of the transaction process – from identification and feasibility studies to financing and monitoring. Our comprehensive understanding allows us to provide strategic guidance and hands-on services, including drafting guides and PPP policy documents and conducting case study research for governments and international donors.

Transaction Advisory Services & Project Finance Structuring