DFID commissioned various topic guides in the area of private sector development and economics, including the PPP Topic Guide, which Nathan Associates was retained to write. This topic guide seeks to provide a basic introduction for non-specialists looking for a primer on Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) for infrastructure and service provision.

Nathan drafted the DFID Public Private Partnership topic guide, with a focus on Lower Income Countries (LICs).

Although many LIC governments have promoted PPP strategies, the absence of well-developed financial sectors, low purchasing power of infrastructure users, and a lack of capacity in the public and private sectors remain major obstacles when implementing sound PPP projects.

Using our experience around the world, including in LICs, Nathan wrote this guide with the aim to help development professionals considering whether and, if so, how to support the governments of LICs to make greater use of PPPs by highlighting the key considerations, challenges, risks, and common motivations for the private sector’s participation.

Nathan also presented recent case studies across a wide range of infrastructure sectors (transport, energy, urban, healthcare, and education) to provide background on the challenges faced and lessons learned by PPP implementers.

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