With the objective of promoting economic growth in the north, USAID is working with Haiti’s National Port Authority (APN) to assist Cap Haitien Port in establishing modern container and bulk cargo services that align with Haiti’s vision of being a modern economy and valued trade partner. The main objective is to ensure that port regulation does not prove to be an obstacle to future port efficiency. Nathan was contracted to provide technical assistance on this project, which is one of four key interventions designed to help modernize the port.

During mobilization, Nathan established a field office in Cap Haitien and a Counterpart Working Group as a means of engaging with APN and taking a participatory roll in the project. Detailed Gender Integration and Monitoring & Evaluation Plans were developed.

Currently, Nathan’s experts are conducting analysis, developing tools, and making recommendations based on studies, best practices, evaluations, and diagnostics to be employed related to regulatory functions that will lead to a well-organized system of regulatory oversight and management at APN. This phase consists of the following initiatives:

  • Preparation of a Benchmarking Study
  • Review of APN’s Staffing Plan
  • Review of APN’s Management and Information Systems (MIS)
  • Development of a Port Tariff Analysis Tool
  • Development of a Contract Licensing Tool
  • Development of an Operation and Performance Monitoring Tool
  • Development of a Port Operation Regulation Tool

Nathan develops these in close coordination with the client and counterparts, and provides training and user manuals for the tools. The next phase will include further trainings and workshops tailored to APN Cap Haitien’s particular needs, which will be crucial in obtaining strengthened capacity of APN staff to fulfill their functions on port regulation. The training program will draw upon prior tasks, using reports, tools and manuals as basis for delivery of training to staff.

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