The IIC was considering investment in two run-of-the-river hydropower projects including the “8 de Agosto” (19 MW) and “El Carmen” (8.4 MW) hydroelectric plants as well as a 138 kv, 60-kilometer long transmission line that would interconnect the facilities with a sub-station.

The project sponsor, Generación Andina S.A. requested financing from the IIC in order to acquire the necessary funding to complete the two projects.

The IIC sought advisory services from Nathan to conduct an analysis of the hydrology studies to determine the feasibility of hydroelectric power generation at each site. Nathan Associates delivered a report to the IIC evaluating and providing recommendations on the feasibility of hydropower production at each site based on the hydrology studies.

The report included:

  • Projections on available water resources at each site
  • Estimates of possible fluctuations in river flow, both seasonal and over the useful life of the power plants
  • The sediment levels in the rivers
  • An opinion on the existing hydrology studies
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