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Contracts and Schedules

Contract Number: GSA PSS Schedule # 47QRAA20D004N
Unique Entity ID: GNPVSEGEJ41n1
DUNs: 07487444
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GSA Special Item Numbers (SINs)


SINs SIN Title
541611 Program Management Services
541611 Integrated Consulting Services; Management & Financial Consulting; Acquisition and Grants Management Support; and Business Program and Project Management Services
541611 Integrated Business Program Support Services
OLM Order-Level Materials


Program Management Services

Nathan provides tactical and logistical project management support to U.S. government agencies, international donors, and private sector clients. Our in-house experts help clients manage multifaceted programs, navigating complex stakeholder landscapes to deliver timely, efficient and effective programs around the globe. We apply our project management approaches and methodologies to a wide range of projects, where we interface across project teams to provide services that manage risk and maximize impact. Nathan uses experienced program managers to address planning, resource and budget management, regulatory compliance, quality assurance, as well as communication and dissemination of information that elevates a program’s visibility.
Nathan has vast experience providing Program Management Services that encompasses the management of financial and business solutions programs and projects and includes but is not limited to:
  • ▶ Program Management
  • ▶ Program Oversight
  • ▶ Project Management
  • ▶ Program Integration of a Limited Duration


Integrated Consulting Services

Serving clients in private organizations and all levels of government operations worldwide, Nathan delivers advisory services that improve policy-making and regulation as well as decision-making and management practices. We evaluate global financial, legal, political, regulatory, and economic factors and their impact across government and business stakeholders, creating tailored analyses that reflect both current realities and future scenarios.  Our advisory service offerings include:
  • ▶ Compliance and Governance
  • ▶ Economic & Regulatory
  • ▶ Energy
  • ▶ Environment, Health, & Safety
  • ▶ Financial Services
  • ▶ Intellectual Property Services
  • ▶ Strategic Services


International Development

Nathan is a global leader in developing and delivering actionable, sustainable analytic and economic solutions to improve people’s lives.  From improved transparency and deeper stakeholder engagement to more effective policies and more resilient businesses, we deliver results that impact economic growth, human development, and poverty reduction. Companies of all sizes, governments, and donor institutions worldwide trust Nathan to deliver unsurpassed value while meeting the highest standards of excellence. We are passionate about applying our deep analytical expertise and advanced proprietary tools to generate economic solutions tailored to our clients’ unique challenges. Our international development services include:
  • ▶ Economic Policy and Governance
  • ▶ Trade Policy and Facilitation
  • ▶ Women’s Economic Development
  • ▶ Structure Finance and Investment
  • ▶ Digital Transformation
  • ▶ Transport and Logistics
  • ▶ Financial Services and Financial Sector Development
  • ▶ Master Planning and Market, Financial, and Economic Feasibility Studies


Integrated Business Program Support Services

Nathan provides tactical and logistical project management support to donors, private sector, and government clients. We deploy experts to assist agencies across all phases of project management support from planning to closeout, and operational services needed to carry out programs, navigating complex stakeholder landscapes to deliver timely, efficient and effective programs around the globe.  Nathan brings the following strategies to ensure achievement of agencies’ goals:
  • ▶ Early identification of potential problems and proactive recommendations for resolution
  • ▶ Efficient and effective delivery of high-impact program results with firm cost control
  • ▶  Flexibility in adapting programs to adjust to project realities
  • ▶ Responsive and collaborative relationships with government agencies, stakeholders, and partners
  • ▶ Rigorous quality assessment and control of technical deliverables; and
  • ▶ Sharing learning from projects across agencies, bureaus, departments, and stakeholders.


Order Level Materials

OLMs are supplies and/or services acquired in direct support of an individual task or delivery order placed against a Schedule contract or BPA. OLM pricing is not established at the Schedule contract or BPA level, but at the order level. Since OLMs are identified and acquired at the order level, the ordering contracting officer (OCO) is responsible for making a fair and reasonable price determination.
OLMs are procured under a special ordering procedure that simplifies the process for acquiring supplies and services necessary to support individual task or delivery orders placed against a Schedule contract or BPA. Using this new procedure, ancillary supplies and services not known at the time of the Schedule award may be included and priced at the order level.