Container trade in Peru has significantly expanded in the last decade, but it is concentrated mainly in Callao and in a small portion of the northern port of Paita. Callao’s historic share of the country’s container market is stable and all other terminals, including Paita, are smaller in size and scope but have experienced higher growth rates due mainly to Peru’s fresh produce export boom. Therefore, there is much interest in privately developing other ports, including Puerto Ancón. It is within this context that a private initiative promoted the development of a new port in proximity to Callao. The new “Terminal Portuario de Ancón” (TPA) provided port services to Callao’s traditional container and some dry and liquid bulk cargos.

TPA also aimed to serve new cargos expected from industries located north of Lima that are the beneficiaries of the Peruvian economy.

Nathan performed a market assessment for the Port of Ancón focused specifically on container trade. The assessment included a review of market data, analysis of Peru’s container market, analysis of shipping trends in the transshipment market, development of a demand model and baseline forecast, analysis of port capacity and transport infrastructure, tariff and pricing analysis, assessment of legal frameworks, competition analysis, and a sensitivity analysis on revenue.

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