A private client was interested in investing in a coal mine project in Colombia, and hired Nathan to review the business opportunities. The project included a review of two concessions to exploit coal (El Hatillo and Cerro Largo), equity participation in a railway concession (Colombian North Railways or ‘FENOCO’), and development of a coal sea port (Rio Cordoba Port Society or ‘SPRC’) on the Atlantic Coast.

At the time, the coal terminal operations were quite lengthy and complex, consisting of loading vessels anchored in deep water using a system of floating cranes and barges in combination with various rail, truck, and front loader land transport. Nathan was retained to undertake a technical review of the operations and assess engineering and operational requirements for a port expansion in order to allow direct loading of coal to vessels.

The analysis estimated associated costs and construction time of the project, reviewed expected annual throughput, and conducted layout planning and equipment demand assessments for coal delivery. Lastly, Nathan reviewed the bathymetry of the proposed area and environmental sea conditions for berth requirements and costs, and reviewed the topography of the available land area.

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