International Development

International Development



With over 75 years of experience across 120 countries, Nathan designs and delivers actionable economic solutions with real impact in peoples’ lives. 


Nathan’s sharp economic analysis and technical advice is context-appropriate, inclusive, and innovative—and our proprietary tools offer sustainable, resilient, and scalable models to clients in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Middle East designed to spur the economic wellbeing of communities.


Nathan is now proudly part of Cadmus, a strategic and technical consultancy compelled to help solve the world’s most challenging problems. Cadmus’ approach to sustainable development within emerging and transition countries is both deeply technical and pragmatic. The insights our team delivers are based on our in-house technical experts’ decades of field experience and the critical contributions of the high-performing, trusted in-region professionals with whom we have formed long-term partnerships worldwide. Nathan’s time-tested expertise in the international development realm is now augmented by Cadmus’ offerings, which include:

  • Environmental And Social Support
  • Clean Energy Market Development
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Climate

Our International Development team’s offices are located in Arlington, Virginia and London, UK. We specialize in the following areas:


Nathan provides effective solutions for public financial management, domestic resource mobilization, and improved economic governance decision-making through rigorous economic analysis. We support effective public finance, fiscal policy and public expenditure management, giving governments the tools to prioritize, budget, and allocate often-scarce financial resources. Nathan improves revenue collection and tax regimes, assists in implementing project-based budgeting, improves budget execution, reduces national debt burdens, and improves the business enabling environment with clear rules for commercial enforcement. Our experts measure the effectiveness of donor and government investments, capture knowledge and apply lessons learned, and support context appropriate strategic planning and project design.

Nathan provides a holistic, strategic, and practical approach to formulation and implementation of trade policy and execution of improved trade facilitation, reducing the time and cost to trade. Nathan bolsters trade capacity in the public and private sector through technical assistance and training of key government and non-government actors.

Our comprehensive assistance spans several trade capacity areas, including non-tariff trade barriers, services trade, trade facilitation, e-commerce, digital trade, trade facilitation agreement implementation and compliance, regional integration, and customs modernization. We build the capacity of customs and enforcement officials, improve the legal and regulatory environment, and design and integrate trade information portals, single windows for trade, and other technology to expedite clearance and enforcement. Nathan conducts country specific and regional trade and logistics corridor assessments to identify gaps, barriers, and constraints inhibiting bilateral, regional, and international trade. 

Nathan strives to achieve sustainable, resilient, and inclusive economic growth underpinned with a sound business enabling environment, market systems solutions, and a vibrant private sector.

Our experience in applying market systems, competitiveness, and value chain strengthening approaches resulted in functioning markets, enhanced opportunities for micro- small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), increased exports, and strengthened value chains. Nathan is a leader in advancing improvements in the commercial legal and regulatory environment, ensuring that rules are fair, understood, and enforceable for all domestic and international companies.

Nathan mitigates the negative impact of food insecurity through economic analysis of its effects on economies, sectors, and global supply chains; alleviating obstacles, improving testing and food traceability, and facilitating increased import and export of agricultural inputs, commodities, and processed foods; and strengthening agricultural value chains.

Nathan is a leader in women’s economic empowerment (WEE) and we incorporate gender and social inclusion (GSI) into all of our comprehensive economic growth programs and implement GSI-specific activities.

Our team conducts gender-lens constraints analysis, applies GSI appropriate solutions, and facilitates economic opportunities for women, youth and other disadvantaged groups. We expand women’s access to property, capital, markets, and technology resulting in more inclusive and productive economies. Nathan designs and applies tools that measure a country’s progress in advancing economic opportunities for women and conducts analysis demonstrating the negative impact that rules, regulations, and laws may have in limiting women’s economic opportunities.

Our experts conduct gender equality workshops, gender audits, and assessments. WEE is embedded in all of Nathan’s programs through the application of gender appropriate strategies, tools, and approaches including entrepreneurship, access to finance, public financial management, trade, digital access and literacy, and transport.

Nathan applies market-based initiatives to stimulate financial inclusion, financial sector stability for underserved markets, project finance including facilitated public-private partnerships, and transaction advisory services including development finance solutions.

Nathan has experience in structured and blended finance, capital markets and securities, public and private investment, and improved government policies and regulations. We engage with a range of financial institutions, including banks, non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs), development finance institutions (DFIs), investment funds, and impact investors, to unlock access to finance for underserved markets, sectors, and segments of society. Nathan provides transaction advisory services to improve access to finance for micro- and small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMESs); impact investing and climate smart finance; and investments in strategic infrastructure including ports, roads, rail, aviation, telecom/ICT, and energy.


Nathan is supporting governments, the private sector, and civil society to advance economic development through increased access to digital solutions, enhanced digital connectivity, and well-functioning digital economies.

Our work illustratively includes facilitating public-private investments into critical ICT infrastructure, improving the legal and regulatory environment for digital economic activity and trade, supporting e-government and e-commerce solutions, expanding digital skills and digital literacy, and the application of new technologies such as FinTech, AI, OpenRAN and blockchain. Nathan recognizes our corporate responsibility and is committed to designing technology-enabled tools that can reach more people, achieve greater impact, and produce stronger and more sustainable outcomes. Nathan adheres to and has endorsed the Principles for Digital Development. We strive to embody the concepts of the Digital Principles through our work culture and in the policies and processes guiding our international development activities.

With a deep understanding of many country and regional environments and dynamics, Nathan’s transport and logistics experts plan, assess, finance, structure and implement projects that enable sustainable economic development and growth.

Our teams collaborate to create viable solutions that are appropriate for each locality, carefully navigating complex, dynamic environments, and relationships. Nathan conducts feasibility studies, due diligence, cost-benefit analysis, legal and regulatory reviews, and other economic analysis necessary to improve the flow of goods, required to reduce in the time and cost to trade, and needed to facilitate public-private partnership investments in strategic infrastructure including ports, roads, rail, aviation, telecom/ICT, and energy.

Nathan supports governments in improving the transparency and accountability of their procurement processes and systems.


Our tailored solutions meet clients’ unique challenges, and we are a trusted partner with a range of U.S., U.K., and international agencies and donors illustratively including:

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