The port of Mombasa in Kenya and the port of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania are anchor points for two transport routes: the Northern Corridor and the Central Corridor. Both are crucial for the domestic, regional, and international trade of five East African countries. In a two-phase study funded by USAID under the TC Boost Program, Nathan analyzed corridor transit delays and costs, screened remedies, and prioritized solutions. In Phase 1, we reviewed institutional and regulatory arrangements affecting freight transport and conducted a corridor audit. Our team collected and analyzed data from national governments and parastatal institutions involved inroads, railway, and water transport, and from regional institutions and other development partners.

In Phase 2, we formulated an action plan for removing constraints.The plan presents demand forecasts that examine trade and traffic volumes and patterns on the basis of load-demand scenarios, options for removing constraints, and economic rates of return for recommended options. The action plan was presented at a regional East Africa conference in 2010.

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