The primary objective of this study was to assess the impact of the proposed development plan of São Sebastião, a major container terminal in Santos. A secondary objective was to assess the impact of the proposed terminal on truck traffic on the highway between São Sebastião and São Jose de Campos. Based on these assessments, Nathan formulated a strategy so the client could consider their participation in the future concession of port of São Sebastião.

Nathan provided a Strategic Assessment of the São Sebastião Container and Vehicle Terminal Concession focusing on: (i) an analysis of the containers and vehicle markets, (ii) the implications for container traffic and revenues through another port- Empresa Brasileira de Terminais Portuários S.A. (“Embraport”), and (iii) the effect of the proposed port on highway traffic.

Our team met with various stakeholders, interviewed container shipping lines, interviewed major shippers who could potentially ship import and export containerized goods via São Sebastião, and interviewed lead consultants involved in the preparation of the Port Master Plan.

The team also visited the port site and spoke with local port officials regarding the concession project and the port master plan. The results were included in a final report and presentation that outlined our findings regarding the comprehensive strategic assessment of the concession opportunity for the client.

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