Your Trusted Global Partner for Sound Analytic and Economic Solutions

For more than 70 years, clients relied on Nathan to lead complex and high stakes assignments—and to provide exceptional value.
We deliver creative, viable, and defensible analytic and economic solutions for government and commercial clients around the world. Our multidisciplinary and high-performing teams use a proactive and structured approach to navigate complexities, mitigate risk, and optimize success in each of our engagements.


What We Offer

International Development

We are passionate about applying deep analytical expertise and advanced proprietary tools to generate tailored economic solutions to our clients.

Over the past 70 years, Nathan honed its technical expertise and excellence across complex political and social environments globally—from improved transparency and deeper stakeholder engagement, to more effective policies and resilient businesses, Nathan delivers results that spur economic growth, human development, and reduce poverty.

Companies of all sizes, governments, and donor institutions worldwide trust Nathan to deliver unsurpassed value while meeting the highest standards of excellence.

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Financial Services

We work with a sense of responsibility to understand our clients' unique needs and respond with tailored insights to best serve their customers.

Financial institutions face an increasingly complex commercial and regulatory environment, creating new and evolving challenges that demand foresight, ingenuity, and agility. Drawing on a breadth of industry experience, subject matter expertise, and analytical skills, Nathan helps clients navigate this terrain with innovative, forward-looking solutions that optimize performance and create competitive advantages.

Banks, government-sponsored enterprises, financial technology (FinTech) firms, and credit unions of all sizes and backgrounds trust Nathan to deliver lasting results through a methodical analytic approach, adaptable and responsive attention, and deep client engagement.

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Advisory Services

We understand complex international and domestic environments and are trusted to help clients achieve tangible results.

Serving clients in private organizations and all levels of Government operations worldwide, Nathan delivers advisory services that improve policymaking and regulation as well as decision-making and management practices.

Nathan evaluates global financial, legal, political, regulatory, and economic factors and their impact across government and business stakeholders, and creates tailored analyses that reflect both current realities and future scenarios. Spanning logistics and infrastructure, policy development and compliance, geographic borders, and socio‐political elements, Nathan's advisory services are grounded in evidence‐based quantitative analyses, deep sector experience, expansive networks, and proven program management.

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