Financial Services

Transforming challenges into opportunities for growth with unique solutions that enhance operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Financial institutions face an increasingly complex commercial and regulatory environment, creating new and evolving challenges that demand foresight, ingenuity, and agility. Drawing on a breadth of industry experience, subject matter expertise, and analytical skills, we help our clients navigate this terrain with innovative, forward-looking solutions that optimize performance and create competitive advantages. Banks, government-sponsored enterprises, financial technology (FinTech) firms, and credit unions of all sizes and backgrounds trust Nathan to deliver lasting results through a methodical analytic approach, adaptable and responsive attention, and deep client engagement. At Nathan, we work with a sense of responsibility to understand our clients’ specific needs and respond with unique insights to better serve their diverse arrays of customers.

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Raman Mandapaka

Raman Mandapaka, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President
+1 703 516 7808