Market and Business Analytics

Intuition + experience informed and supported by the extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis, and explanatory and predictive models of behavior = Knowledge.

The Market and Business Analytics (M&BA) group turns information into knowledge that drives business decisions and actions—and turns change into opportunity. Our premise is that knowledge of the effects of change is the basis of strategic decisions of lasting value. Our method, whether applied for market or business analytics, is straightforward :

  • Describe the change that is or will be occurring;
  • Identify information relevant to understanding effects of the change;
  • Transform the information into a database suitable for economic modeling;
  • Specify and estimate economic models for quantifying effects; and
  • Convert the quantified effects into knowledge necessary for value-extracting strategies.

We apply this method in discerning and estimating the effects of changes in economic, market, and business conditions, as well as public policies and federal and state regulations.
As economists, we understand the theoretical underpinnings of business and household behavior. As applied economists, we know how to specify economic models of business and household behavior, how to turn information into data, and how to use data to quantify the effects of factors influencing behavior. The M&BA group turns information into knowledge so that clients find opportunity in change.


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