The Technical Assistance for the Study of Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) and Road Sector Modernization and Institutional Transformation project reflects ERA’s need to redefine its role within the Road Sector and transform and modernize its internal operations.

This project intends to draw on a wide range of experience and lessons learned from the Road Sector Development Program (RSDP) and Universal Rural Roads Access Program (URRAP), as well as the ongoing internal modernization efforts at ERA. ERA’s 2028 vision is to assure the provision of adequate, reliable, high quality and standard road network to Ethiopians and open up all potential development areas which will contribute to fast socio-economic development all over the country.

The assignment seeks to modernize and institutionally transform the road sector by properly assessing the overall mandate, vision, management structure, responsibility, interagency relationship, financing (funding), working systems, identifying gaps and opportunities for the management of the road sector at large, and ERA in particular, in line with the above expanded ERA vision.

Nathan is conducting the following tasks: Assessment of the existing institutional arrangement, assessment of current performance, selection of model for organization/institutional framework and benchmark best practices, development of new institutional framework, image building and enterprise branding, drafting of relevant legal documents, development of implementation framework and action plan, and capacity building throughout.

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