Buddhika Samarasinghe Nathan Associates

Buddhika Samarasinghe specializes in private sector development, agriculture and rural development, and financial inclusion. A practicing economist since 1995, he applies his expertise to designing, managing and reviewing market systems programs—including the making markets work for the poor approach, challenge funds, and value chain development. He also brings a deep understanding of monitoring and evaluation as well as political economy analysis into the programs he directs for Nathan. His recent projects include activities in Sub-Saharan Africa, South and Southeast Asia, and Eastern and Central Europe.

Trusted for highly practical and technically innovative approaches to implementing projects, Mr. Samarasinghe has built lasting relationships with UK Department for International Development, the United Nations, the Asian Development Bank, European Union, and World Bank.

His work extends to private donors and foundations: he advises on MasterCard Foundation’s challenge fund for Africa, the $50 million Fund or Rural Prosperity, which he helped design and implement. He advises on the board of a number of other funds including UNCDF’s SHIFT financial inclusion fund for the Mekong region, and an impact investment fund called Prospero in Zambia.

Before joining Nathan in 1999, Mr. Samarasinghe advised governments and donor organizations and worked for research institutes and corporate clients.

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