A private developer is in the process of developing Puerto Antioquia, a multipurpose port facility with an estimated investment of US $400 million, located in the Gulf of Uraba on Colombia’s Caribbean Coast and near the city of Turbo. The project has been granted an exclusive right over an offshore area of 130 hectares pursuant to a 30-year concession, in conjunction with onshore facilities that will be constructed on 38 hectares of private land.

Nathan and Deloitte were hired to conduct an independent market study and assess the project’s rationale and the business plan supporting the development of port. Nathan led the team to draft an independent market study to evaluate the business plan for the development of a multi-purpose port and assess the bankability of the project from a market and revenue perspective.

The team forecasted revenue and projected demand in order to determine the optimal tariffs to maximize revenues. Tasks included: A detailed analysis of the current operations and shipping lines that serve Turbo and how other developments in the maritime transport sector, such as the construction of the Panama Canal and the construction of PA, may affect deployment shipping patterns serving the region.

Short and medium term competitive analysis in the maritime transport market with other ports in the region, and presented a demand assessment and traffic projections based on a model of the existing transport network and potential port development scenarios. Analysis of commercial services and tariff structure to make projections for the concession period.

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