A private developer won a concession to develop the Port of Moín, which is located on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. In particular, the developer wanted to focus on the future growth potential of Costa Rican exports of bananas, pineapples, and coffee.

The developer planned to develop the port in three phases, and retained Nathan to study the market. Specific tasks included:

  • Cargo forecast for import/export, full/empty, and dry/reefer containers.
  • Transshipment forecast.
  • Capacity analysis of Port of Moin in addition to other ports in the area.
  • Tariff analysis to compare Moín to those of regional competitors.
  • Analysis of logistics chain costs.

In order to accomplish these objectives, we thoroughly analyzed the global markets for bananas, pineapples, and coffee. To further understand the shipping market, stakeholder interviews were conducted to obtain stakeholder impressions of costs, wait times, and other port metrics. Findings were gathered, analyzed and compiled into a report detailing the market forecasts for the Port of Moín, serving as the framework for port development.

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