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An accessible, efficient, and responsive financial system is a crucial driver of inclusive growth. Actors at all levels of the economy — from households and small businesses to corporations and governments — need reliable access to finance to support their day to day activities, manage risks, and invest for growth. The financial sectors of many developing and middle-income economies do not work like this, however. Households and businesses are unable to access vital capital, and even larger businesses can struggle to attract investment. This holds back growth and can make it harder for vulnerable households to meet their basic needs.

Nathan has a systemic approach to financial sector development, working to develop mutually reinforcing policies and institutions that help improve incomes and support positive growth outcomes. Our work engages with all levels of the financial sector, from ensuring meaningful financial inclusion for low-income households to expanding access to finance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as facilitating the development of capital markets which included the structuring of large-scale financial transactions.

Our key strength is our understanding of the financial sector as a market system, meaning we work across both the supply and demand side to improve sector infrastructure and market efficiency. Although we work at different levels of the financial sector, we focus primarily on increasing the financial inclusion of low-income households and SMEs and providing them with access to suitable financial products and services to allow them to play their essential role in sustainable job creation and inclusive growth.

Nathan’s extensive experience in developing countries across the globe has given us a comprehensive understanding of the necessary requirements for a healthy financial sector that allows people and institutions to fulfill their potential. A robust enabling environment includes supportive legal and regulatory frameworks, a strong market infrastructure and well informed financially literate customers. Nathan also has a deep understanding of success factors in specialized areas such as rural and agricultural finance, transport and logistics finance, land-based financing and capital markets.

Our core team has wide-ranging expertise spanning quantitative and qualitative research, program design and management, monitoring and evaluation as well as product design and development and project finance. Our diverse skills mean we can support initiatives throughout the project cycle, from concept and design to measurement of key results and impact. An experienced network of niche experts (in mobile and digital finance, payment systems, small-holder agriculture finance, etc.) ensures we are abreast of emerging trends and innovations in the sector and allows us to tailor and provide highly specialized services for specific client needs.

The financial sector is always changing, with new products, services and solutions emerging all the time. Nathan’s in-house team of experts cuts across multiple financial sub-sectors meaning we can move quickly, evolve, and innovate together with our clients. We can also draw on a comprehensive network of niche specialists who complement our in-house skills and experience. By doing so, this makes us exceptionally well positioned to support clients at all stages of the project cycle, from offering rigorous research and market assessments to providing effective project management, and delivering world-class monitoring and evaluation services. Nathan applies innovative thinking and analytical rigor to complex, real-world challenges delivering lasting improvements to financial sector growth and efficiency.

Helping the financial sector deliver sustainable, inclusive growth


Nathan is currently implementing one of DFID’s largest country-level financial sector investments. BFP-Bangladesh is a multi-faceted 6-year program targeting Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) that are currently unserved or under served by the formal financial sector but may represent credible borrowers with sound business propositions, ideas, and activities. The program incentivizes commercial banks and micro-finance institutions to reach out to financially excluded clients using innovative channels while foregoing traditional collateral such as land and cash. It is also providing vital insurance services in climate affected areas. BFP is at the forefront of driving policy reform to improve the efficiency of the financial sector, and recently launched Bangladesh’s first National Financial Inclusion Policy.

Nathan is also leading one of USAID’s sizable Private Sector Development projects, a $24.5 million project implemented over three years in Myanmar. Its goal is to increase broad-based economic opportunities, by creating more inclusive and transparent economic governance processes, and by increasing access to finance for emerging economic actors. The project has successfully supported upscaling by MFIs to expand MSME finance in under banked regions and is currently supporting vital reforms in support of a more inclusive insurance sector.


• A highly experienced in-house team of financial sector experts
• An excellent track record with leading donors including USAID, DFID, SIDA, the World Bank, IADB and the EC
• Comprehensive expertise across financial inclusion, SME finance, product development, risk sharing mechanisms, infrastructure finance, capital markets and financial sector policy
• Substantial experience, successfully delivering complex, high-value financial sector development programs globally.


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