The energy industry is centrally important to the world population’s health and well-being, and represents more than 8% of the global economy. Nathan is a trusted partner for sound analytic, economic, and operational solutions across the energy industry.

Our experts address complex challenges and design and implement processes and procedures for more efficient and effective analysis, decision-making, and action encompassing the entire value chain, including shale gas production; solar power development; LNG transportation; electricity transmission; oil upstream, midstream, and refining; and residential rate design. We deliver creative and viable solutions to our clients – suppliers, transporters, consumers, investors, regulators, and law firms – based upon a deep understanding of their unique needs, whether providing planning, forecasting, operations, customer regulations, regulatory compliance, or risk management.


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Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) for oil and gas has declined steadily since for the last few years, and the drop in oil prices compounded the challenge, with the upstream sector posting some of the most significant decline. Nathan Associates’ experts leverage deep industry knowledge to provide timely and highly competent external reviews focused on identifying elements of upstream operations where intervention delivers quick wins that are structured to realize both immediate and sustainable revenue, cost, and performance improvements—knowing where to look. 

Oil & Gas: Upstream

The downstream hydrocarbon supply chain is a complex structure that needs a coordinated approach to achieve total optimization. There are many opportunity levers along the hydrocarbon supply chain that lead to substantial net margin improvements. Nathan Associates’ asset portfolio optimization approach is built on three sources: sustained value by understanding the synergies in the midstream, downstream, and chemicals systems; optimizing the asset itself; and building a culture of involvement and ownership by engaging hearts and minds to stretch beyond the immediate solutions. 

Oil & Gas: Midstream, Downstream, Chemicals

Natural gas, LNG, and NGL production, markets, investment, and contracts are highly complex and require substantial amounts of capital investment and expertise, and, as a consequence, risks are significant. Nathan Associates gas and LNG experts have particular expertise successfully addressing natural gas, LNG, and NGL opportunities and challenges concerning the changing dynamics of production, trading, consumption, environmental stewardship and compliance, policy and regulatory change, and the increasing role of state companies and independent investment. 

Oil & Gas: Natural Gas, LNG

Power generation and storage is in the middle of a technology revolution. With solar and wind cost reductions, advances in batteries, and the shale gas breakthrough, we have truly entered an age of energy abundance. Nathan Associates helps our clients deal successfully with this changing environment, assessing key implications, maximizing value and minimizing risk. 

Power & Renewables: Generation, Storage

Increasingly, the power business is dominated by concerns over “the grid” – the complex network of facilities and procedures that link generation and end-use. Is it robust enough to handle more renewables? Is it resilient enough to handle climate change and cyber threats? Who will pay for the capital investments required to maintain and improve it? Who will get access to it, and what entities will oversee it? Our experts address these critical questions for clients and outline appropriate steps for success. 

Power & Renewables: Transmission, Distribution

In much of the world, electricity consumption is affected by two strong, yet contradictory, forces. Energy use has become more efficient and more customers are now relying on local resources, so electricity demand is growing slowly or even declining in many locales.  At the same time, economic development, greater access and transport electrification is increasing demand. Nathan helps its clients understand and harness these forces so they can respond effectively. 

Power & Renewables: Distributed Resources, Efficiency