System Planning

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System Planning

Energy access will increasingly rely more on off-grid and micro-grid development than the usual integrated generation and transmission system. Nathan experts were retained by a multilateral bank to develop a country-wide roadmap for electrification that included off-grid, micro-grid, and grid extension modalities. We developed a GIS of the existing infrastructure, and analyzed data on the supply of, and need for, electricity. We then determined the locations that would be best served by each modality, the impacts of improved energy access, and the investment required to “kick start” this effort. Our work is being used to guide ongoing energy access efforts. 

While distributed resources are increasingly important, the generation and transmission network remains absolutely critical. Nathan experts were retained by a large utility as advisors on an ambitious plan involving billions of dollars in hydro generation and cross-border transmission. Nathan experts worked with utility planners and executives on the development of economic, financial, technological, and regulatory scenarios, the design of alternative resource plans, the modeling, data and analysis of these plans, and the documentation used to communicate recommendations and their rationale. Our work contributed to a comprehensive and rigorous regulatory filing, and development is underway.

Proven Results

Speaking of work by Nathan experts, a power industry CEO noted that our “analysis revealed the pros and cons of alternative plans much more clearly than before. The default plan turned out to be among the least preferred – expensive and risky. And a previously-controversial plan turned out to be preferred – the most cost-effective and least risky. We and our Board enthusiastically adopted this preferred plan. In hindsight, this saved our customers millions of dollars.”

Why Nathan?

  • Unmatched global experience
  • Deep technical knowledge
  • Broad analytical and organizational qualifications
  • Proven ability to assemble teams and manage projects
  • History of success providing meaningful positive results