Market Design

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Market Design

E-mobility, the electrification of the land, sea and even air transportation, is a dramatic, emerging global trend. Nathan worked with a major seaport on shore power – the use by ships in dock of onshore electricity rather than their own onboard generators. With shore power, the port becomes the maritime equivalent of an EV charging station, and typical rate designs for commercial/industrial customers with high fixed and demand charges can cause serious economic problems. Nathan analyzed different rates as well as changes in port facilities and operations using a detailed simulation of the port’s business over multiple years. This analysis is serving as the basis of negotiations with the local utility and regulator for a special shore power rate.

Traditional utility business models from the era of central generation are ill-suited to the new world of distributed generation. Nathan worked for a multilateral bank on business models for distributed commercial and industrial solar. Our team of technical, economic and regulatory experts identified a range of business models, analyzed them from the different perspectives of the country, the utility and the different types of customers, identified the most promising models, and then developed recommendations to increase their adoption.

Proven Results

Speaking of work by Nathan experts, a power industry CEO noted that our “analysis revealed the pros and cons of alternative plans much more clearly than before. The default plan turned out to be among the least preferred – expensive and risky. And a previously-controversial plan turned out to be preferred – the most cost-effective and least risky. We and our Board enthusiastically adopted this preferred plan. In hindsight, this saved our customers millions of dollars.”

Why Nathan?

  • Unmatched global experience
  • Deep technical knowledge
  • Broad analytical and organizational qualifications
  • Proven ability to assemble teams and manage projects
  • History of success providing meaningful positive results