Wage & Hour Claims

Our employment experts analyze liability and damages under the Fair Labor Standards Act and other state and federal fair labor standards laws related to areas that include unpaid overtime, off-the-clock-work, missed meal and rest periods, lost vacation days, employee misclassification, … Read More

Discrimination Class Actions

In discrimination class actions, our experts assist with class certification assessment, disparate impact statistical analysis on liability, and economic damages calculations. We assess claims of discrimination in recruitment, hiring, job placement, compensation, promotion, segregation, and termination under the Equal Employment … Read More

Sports Economics

Our experts and consultants have experience analyzing the implications of the highly individualized market structure of the NFL in particular and sports leagues in general. We bring our extensive experience in data analysis and in-depth research, analysis, and advanced quantitative … Read More

Employment Practice Consulting

Our employment practice consulting work includes pay equity studies, development of relevant internal and external labor pools, applicant flow analyses, and human capital and wage determinations. We assist companies with employment decision-making so that employees with legally protected characteristics are … Read More

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