Policy Support

Public policies and policy reforms can cause widespread – and often unanticipated – economic and social impacts. The key to identifying the potential outcomes of a new or reformed policy and producing the right results is sound empirical data and … Read More

Risk Management

Risks – real and potential – can adversely impact organizations, especially those operating in challenging overseas environments or dealing with complex issues. Nathan’s cross-functional team of technical experts identify, evaluate, and prioritize potential challenges to enable clients to proactively manage … Read More

Nathan-Gnarus Pairing Pools Globally Recognized Leaders in Litigation Services

Nathan Associates and Gnarus Advisors LLC combined their litigation practices so law firms, corporations, and other clients could find a diverse and nimble pool of preeminent economic experts under one roof. The newest Who’s Who Legal, a U.K.-published directory, underscores the power of this combination. 

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Leadership in Public Financial Management (LPFM) II

As a founding member of the Addis Tax Initiative, USAID recognizes that gains in development outcomes will only be maintained if strong public revenue and expenditure systems are in place in partner countries to sustain them. Nathan is helping USAID … Read More

Zimbabwe Strategic Economic Research and Analysis (SERA)

Since 2009, Zimbabwe’s government has been working to restore macroeconomic stability and boost economic growth. The government has made significant progress, but numerous structural reforms are still needed to increase growth and encourage trade, investment, and job creation. In support … Read More

Design of the Financial Deepening Challenge Fund

Designing a new instrument for donors to engage with the private sector Despite recognition of the key role of the private sector, and particularly the financial sector, in generating economic growth and reducing poverty around the world, traditional approaches to … Read More

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