Accounting controversies are at the core of many disputes. Our knowledgeable and proven experts have the foresight and insight to investigate and resolve these disparities.

With deep experience handling complex, high-stakes assignments and uncompromising attention to detail, we review and analyze financial data and business records to reconstruct accounting treatment and unravel multifaceted financial transactions.

Clients trust Nathan to handle diverse forensic accounting engagements ranging from commercial litigation investigations to broader economic consulting projects, such as environmental remediation cost analyses.


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Whether unraveling a complex Ponzi scheme, reconstructing financial records, or tracing the use of assets, we determine and communicate clearly the accounting facts of financial disputes in matters such as fraud, shareholder and partnership disputes, and bankruptcy.

Accounting Investigations

Corporate liability protection, or “piercing the corporate veil,” often comes down to adherence to corporate formalities and capitalisation issues that require accounting expertise. Our experts are frequently asked to undertake forensic investigation of general ledgers and business records and provide opinions on the presence of alter ego indicia.

Alter Ego

Business agreements that contain financial reporting, royalty payment, revenue-sharing, or expense-sharing arrangements often require the review and analysis of accounting data to ensure compliance with the contractual provisions. Our experts frequently conduct contract compliance “audits” and document inspections that occur in the course of such business relationships.

Contract Compliance

Insurance coverage litigation and other disputes often involve the need to substantiate, audit, and evaluate remediation, settlement, or legal costs. Our experts efficiently analyze invoices, accounting systems, and payments. Our experts work in close concert with other in-house experts who evaluate whether cost expenditures and remedial actions were consistent with the National Contingency Plan and/or include those costs in an insurance coverage and claims analysis.

Environmental & Tort Litigation

Most merger and acquisition transactions require representations, warranties, and benchmarks relating to closing balance sheets and earn-out provisions. Our experts assist buyers and sellers with the accounting, valuation, and damages issues that frequently arise in connection with these provisions.

Post-Acquisition Disputes