Cesk Sporitelna, a.s., v. Unisys Corporation C.A No. 96 cv-4152 (U.S.D.C., E.D. PA)

Cesk Sporitelna, the largest commercial bank in the Czech Republic, contracted subsidiaries of Unisys Corporation to design and install a computerized and integrated, retail banking system. Ultimately, Cesk Sporitelna terminated its contract with Unisys and sued the company for fraud, claiming that Unisys failed to deliver a functioning and integrated system and falsely represented the software’s capabilities and level of development.

Nathan’s Gary French helped Cesk Sporitelna’s counsel identify experts to determine direct and consequential damages. He also gathered information that could establish the importance of information technology to a bank’s competitiveness.

With Dr. French’s help and advice, the consequential damages experts developed the methodologies and determined the injury resulting from the alleged fraud. Dr. French also helped the damage experts, as well as an expert in transaction cost economics, prepare for depositions. The case was settled out of court.

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