Identifying and mitigating gaps and risks is the key to better results, optimal performance, and enhanced organizational efficiency, and the efficient flow of information is critical to communicating those results to stakeholders and audiences.

Nathan’s in-house experts work collaboratively with our clients to support their mission, goals, and achievements, offering life-cycle solutions for strategic and performance management planning, change management implementation, and communications strategy development. We deliver tailored solutions to government agencies, international donors, large and small private firms, multilateral entities, and non-governmental organizations. Nathan uses data obtained through rigorous economic analysis to provide risk management, acquisition planning, master plan development, business line development and integration, audience identification and marketing strategy development, and the evaluation of financing and insurance options.


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Public policies and policy reforms can cause widespread – and often unanticipated – economic and social impacts. The key to identifying the potential outcomes of a new or reformed policy and producing the right results is sound empirical data and an understanding of the interrelated nature of these issues. Governments, businesses, and associations around the world trust Nathan for well-designed, impactful research, analysis, and testimony. Clients rely on our findings to formulate, influence, and effectively respond to policies. Our in-house experts support legislative and public hearings, regulatory proceedings, trade negotiations, public and government relations outreach efforts, and political and media campaigns.

Policy Support

Risks – real and potential – can adversely impact organizations, especially those operating in challenging overseas environments or dealing with complex issues. Nathan’s cross-functional team of technical experts identify, evaluate, and prioritize potential challenges to enable clients to proactively manage risk. We offer practical solutions, including customized tools, to establish and strengthen risk management practices while ensuring that goals and objectives are met and results are achieved on time and within budget. We base our proactive, disciplined approach on effective strategic planning, transparent communication, proven project and financial management methods and processes, and performance-based budgeting. Equally important, we are committed to establishing effective and appropriate governance structures, internal controls, and feedback loops.

Risk Management