Price Fixing & Collusion

Our experts have worked on numerous matters involving alleged collusion between competitors. Specific allegations in these matters can vary widely, involving price-fixing, bid-rigging, market/customer allocation, coordinated capacity reductions, or other forms of collusive marketplace behavior that generally are treated as violations of U.S. and international competition law.

Effective economic analysis can make significant differences to client outcomes on either side of such cases. For example, to evaluate antitrust liability our experts analyze industry data, firm-specific data, and documents, along with intra- and inter-firm communications. Our experts are also often called upon to use econometric analysis and other sophisticated economic techniques to evaluate antitrust liability and to quantify the amount of any damages that may have ensued from such liability if present. These techniques can also assist our experts in defining relevant markets, analyzing market power, and assessing potential harm to competition in these matters.