Building on the achievements of its predecessors, MYPE Competitiva/ATCB and CRECER, the Peru and Andean Trade Capacity Building (PATCB) project strengthened the human, informational, and institutional resources necessary for trade-induced growth in Peru and the Andean region.

The main goal of the program was to support implementation of the U.S.-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement (USPTA), which entered into force in February 2009. As such, PATCB helped Andean countries formalize their economies, simplify regulatory procedures, and become more competitive so that more people can reap the benefits of open trade. To help ensure this, the project endowed Peru with a fully functional management information system, management procedures, and judicial protocols to enforce labor rights; customs and judicial IPR training programs that build capacity to meet IPR obligations; simplified procedures for business registration in municipalities; and shorter clearance times for goods in port.

Such reforms will make the private sector more competitive and enable businesses to take advantage of trade opportunities. Similar achievements in the Andean region, including regionally coordinated approaches to IPR enforcement, will improve chances for sustained growth and investment.

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