MYPE Competitiva is a USAID-funded project focused on improving the trade and investment capacities of Andean countries. The project has a regional component the Andean Trade Capacity Building Program and a bilateral component the MYPE Export Facilitation Program.

The Andean TCB program is improving the ability of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia to take part in trade negotiations, implement the rules of trade, and seize opportunities offered by international trade. Core technical areas include technical barriers to trade, labor law enforcement and outreach, and intellectual property rights enforcement and outreach.

The MYPE Export Facilitation Program is addressing systemic constraints that inhibit trade and investment and result in high transaction costs and inefficiencies in the private sector, especially among micro and small enterprises.The goal is to create an environment that will foster exports from micro and small businesses, especially to the United States. The project focuses on business administrative simplification, access to finance for MSEs, and new market opportunities. In 2009, the program published a seven-volume collection of business development guides for small firms in Peru wishing to export.

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