• September 8, 2017

Nathan’s president and chief executive officer, Susan B. Chodakewitz, will join the Society for International Development–Washington chapter’s board in September, bringing a unique individual and institutional voice to the group’s direction, including an appreciation of the role of development to national security.

An international network founded in 1957, the Society for International Development (SID) provides a global forum for addressing the complex challenges in promoting sustainable economic, social, and political development. The Washington chapter, SID’s largest and most active, reaches an audience far larger than the chapter’s membership through newsletters, forums, symposiums, and other outreach.

Ms. Chodakewitz, Nathan’s CEO since April 2015, has a broad perspective on international development. She began her consulting career performing a significant amount of work for the World Bank and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Through executive positions at Booz Allen Hamilton, SAIC and Tetra Tech AMT, she gained a profound understanding of how information technology, infrastructure, and transportation play vital roles in advancing development. Above all, she knows how to apply creative thinking and innovative partnerships with multiple stakeholders to solve development challenges.

Nathan is a global leader in developing and delivering actionable, sustainable analytic and economic solutions to improve people’s lives. Over the past seven decades Nathan has honed its technical expertise and excellence across complex political and social environments around the world. From improved transparency and deeper stakeholder engagement to more effective policies and more resilient businesses, Nathan delivers results that impact economic growth, human development, and poverty reduction. Companies of all sizes, governments, and donor institutions worldwide trust Nathan to deliver unsurpassed value while meeting the highest standards of excellence.

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