Damages Analysis for Patent, Copyright, Trademark, Trade Secret and Related Matters

Our experts in intellectual property perform damages analysis with rigorous economic tools that meet the higher standards of proof used increasingly by Federal courts to determine intellectual property damages in the last decade. Our clients also rely on us for assistance in resolving transaction disputes that have involved patents, copyrights, and trademarks, as well as a wide range of other issues.  

Nathan’s deep experience in intellectual property includes a wide range of technologies, including high technology, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, software, materials, cellular, WiFi, and more.  

Our expertise includes the apportionment of the value of individual or portfolios of patents when a product is covered by a patent pool, the determination of fair, reasonable, and nondiscriminatory (FRAND/RAND) royalties for standard essential patents (SEP), and price premium analysis in class action false-labeling matters, as well as a wide range of patent infringement matters.