Impact Assessment

Effectively deploying limited resources for maximum impact is essential for optimal results. However, the challenge lies in accurately anticipating how a specific intervention will perform and evaluating whether it has produced the intended result. Nathan has the technical and management … Read More

Data Analytics

Efficiently collected and accurately analyzed data can drive better strategic decisions. Nathan’s in-house experts use the latest statistical and econometric methods and software to uncover valuable information about trends, patterns, and relationships in data. Working in close collaboration with one … Read More

Policy Support

Public policies and policy reforms can cause widespread – and often unanticipated – economic and social impacts. The key to identifying the potential outcomes of a new or reformed policy and producing the right results is sound empirical data and … Read More

Risk Management

Risks – real and potential – can adversely impact organizations, especially those operating in challenging overseas environments or dealing with complex issues. Nathan’s cross-functional team of technical experts identify, evaluate, and prioritize potential challenges to enable clients to proactively manage … Read More

Claims Management

Our experts can assist with claim management including complete claim administration and insurance billing, database design and implementation, quantitative reporting functions, and the development of complete strategic claim management frameworks. Our proprietary Claims Management System (CMS) is a fully customizable … Read More

Liability Estimation

Nathan combines economic analysis with scientific and technical expertise to provide clients with multidimensional support on environmental, tort, product liability, business interruption, property value diminution and other issues. Our experts and consultants have advanced capabilities in financial modeling, Monte Carlo … Read More

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