Nathan Associates, with assistance from Constella Futures and The Cadmus Group, managed Phase I of the ASEAN-US Technical Assistance and Training Facility. The Facility helped the ASEAN Secretariat address immediate obstacles to integration.

It provided technical assistance, training, time-sensitive policy assessments, and day-to-day technical advice to support ASEAN’s goals for integration and goals it shared with the U.S. Government.

Activities were clustered in nine areas:

  • Sector integration
  • Investment
  • Customs and trade facilitation
  • Trade in services
  • Trade negotiations
  • Trade-related intra-ASEAN and public-private sector and consultation
  • Natural resource management
  • Public health
  • Strengthened Secretariat resources.

As of March 2007, the Facility had launched 125 activities and nearly 1,200 ASEAN Member Country and private sector representatives had benefited from training provided through the Facility.

Now in its second phase, the Facility is the centerpiece of the ASEAN Development Vision to Advance National Cooperation and Economic Integration (ADVANCE) program.

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