An employee owned company, Nathan Associates is led by a team of corporate officers and governed by a seven-member board of directors. The firm's two subsidiaries, Nathan India Private Ltd. and Nathan London Ltd., are led by managing directors.

Corporate Officers

Lakhbir Singh, President and CEO|
 Paul Kent, Senior Vice President  | Russell L. Lamb, Senior Vice President | Russell Mangum III, Senior Vice President | Stephen A. Schneider, Senior Vice President | Paul Moore, Vice President | Jaleen Moroney, Vice President |   Lisa Yarmoshuk, Vice President | John W. Varley, Vice President | Joel Reiser, Chief Financial Officer

Board of Directors

John C. Beyer, Chairman | Richard Burtner, Founder, Entrepreneurial Business Solutions | Katherine Clark, CEO Smartthinking |  Tessie San Martin, President and CEO Plan USA | Valerie Perlowitz, Senior Vice President, ATS Corporation | Lakhbir Singh, President and CEO

Managing Directors

Ram Tamara, Nathan India 
| Sunil Sinha, Nathan London


Lakhbir Singh

President and Chief Executive Officer

T: (703) 516-7767

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