Trade liberalization does not automatically lead to economic growth and prosperity-and Zambia’s leaders recognize that . the country’s source of growth is not necessarily copper or corn but people. To take full advantage of human potential, the Government of Zambia needs to remove barriers to trade and investment, and provide a suitable environment for people to prosper and improve their living standards. At the same time, the private sector needs to build its capacity to understand the economic environment in which it operates, analyze opportunities and constraints, and advocate for policy change.

Through the ZAMTIE project, Nathan Associates helped reduce barriers to trade and investment, built capacity to facilitate economic growth and reduce poverty, and fostered linkages to optimize rural income-generating investment and trade between and among producers, suppliers, processors, traders, service providers, and consumers within and outside of Zambia. We

  • Recommended ways to remove barriers to trade and investment
  • Strengthened the consultative mechanism between public and private sectors
  • Established working groups to formulate positions on agriculture, manufacturing, and services
  • Hosted a National Forum on trade and investment priorities
  • Provided training in WTO and regional trade integration
  • Analyzed private sector organization governance, services, fee structures, financial sustainability, information technology needs
  • Trained organizations in business plans, applying for letters of credit, accounting, marketing and
  • Conducted observation tours and fairs.
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