• February 23, 2021

ARLINGTON, February 23, 2021 – Nathan Associates was awarded a grant to assist specific countries, regional fora, and international organizations in allocating and prioritizing gender considerations in budget and policy initiatives in order to further economic equity. This project, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (the foundation), will support the development and promotion of data-driven policy solutions with the ultimate aim to create greater investment in women’s economic empowerment (WEE) and women’s empowerment collectives (WECs).

Through this grant, Nathan will identify strategic entry points to advance WEE, WECs, and gender integration with influential stakeholders. At the national level, Nathan will work in close collaboration with other grant recipients to coordinate stakeholder mapping efforts in Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda. Nathan will develop and apply a methodology, aligned with strategic priorities, to identify engagement opportunities to advance WEE and WECs across the four countries. To understand and shape the landscape of existing WEE-advancing efforts in regional and global fora, Nathan will also provide research and analysis to identify areas for collaboration on gender equality. Finally, Nathan will support the promotion of evidence-based policy approaches for gender integration in global health through the UN University Gender Policy Hub.

“This grant is an excellent opportunity for our gender and social inclusion practice to leverage and build on our expertise and WEE programs around the world to advance women’s empowerment and transform economic growth,” said Nathan’s CEO Sue Chodakewitz. “We look forward to working with the foundation to advance gender equality globally and further sustainable development.”

Click here for more information on Nathan’s women’s economic empowerment work.

About Nathan

Nathan is a private international economic and analytics consulting firm that works with government and commercial clients around the globe to deliver practical solutions and achieve lasting results. Whether building frameworks for economic growth or navigating regulatory hurdles, securing infrastructure financing or evaluating and assessing disputes, Nathan’s experts serve as trusted partners, offering clients the analysis, technical advice, and strategies they need for sound decision-making.

Known for both technical and service excellence, Nathan has corporate offices in the US, UK, and India and more than 40 program offices around the world. More information about Nathan can be found at nathaninc.com.

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