TCBoost supported USAID in extending the benefits of globalization deeply and broadly throughout the developing world. A rapid-response mechanism that addressed a wide variety of needs in developing countries, TCBoost gave USAID/Washington, USAID missions, and trade hubs expert assistance in determining the needs of developing-country partners and stakeholders and in designing and implementing projects that met those needs.

Nathan led the project, which was awarded to the DAI/Nathan Group, and provided help in technical areas such as the following:

  • Trade facilitation and customs reform
  • Trade policymaking, negotiations, and capacity building
  • Export diversification and competitiveness
  • Economic adjustments to trade liberalization
  • Labor, environment, and gender-specific effects in trade
  • Sector analysis (services, intellectual property, textiles, and apparel).

TCBoost, like its predecessors the Support for Trade Capacity Building Activities, and Facilitating Streamlined Trade (FASTrade) projects, customized deliverables for missions in 30 countries. TCBoost deliverables for projects and USAID missions included the following:

  • Analysis and research
  • Needs assessments on specific topics such as customs reform
  • Short courses for USAID staff and host country partners on a variety of subjects
  • Best practice guides.
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