• October 21, 2014

June 2, 2014?On May 23rd Nathan Associates hosted a webinar for prospective investors on Telecom Services Kiribati Limited (TSKL), the national telecommunications service provider of Kiribati. Participants included telecommunications service providers, the Government of Kiribati, and the Communications Commission of Kiribati (CCK).

Nathan Associates is part of a transaction team advising the Government of Kiribati on the sale of TSKL. Other members include Cameron LLP and SINTRA Consulting. The sale of TSKL will follow an open process that meets criteria for transparency approved by the World Bank and that is used in sales of government-owned telecommunications companies around the world.

During the webinar, potential investors heard about aspects of Kiribati important to understanding the function of telecommunications in the island nation, about the country?s regulatory framework for telecommunications, about the structure and condition of TSKL, and about the bidder prequalification process and the proposed transaction and timeline. Nathan Associates and CCK representatives then answered investors? questions.

The official call for bidder prequalifications is to be announced in the first week of June.

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