Helping developing countries

participate in the multilateral trading


Nathan Associates assessed the trade-related financial and technical assistance needs of developing countries, and designed and executed programs that helped those countries use trade and investment to spur economic growth and reduce poverty. We assisted USAID Missions in designing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating assistance that will stimulate economic growth and reduce poverty.
Through workshops, a website, numerous publications, and training on poverty, foreign direct investment, democracy and governance, transport logistics and health, we also helped USAID better understand how trade and investment feed economic growth.
In more than a dozen countries, we performed trade-related assignments as requested by host governments and/or USAID field missions.We

  • Assessed trade integration as a means for reducing poverty and recommended ways to remove constraints on such integration (Mali, Mozambique, Angola);
  • Provided assistance related to bilateral free trade agreements with the United State and regional trade arrangements (Morocco, Central America, Central America, Cyprus, South Asia);
  • Assessed vulnerability to job loss resulting from changes in rules governing trade in textiles and apparel (Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Bolivia);
  • Helped USAID field missions develop and prioritize trade strategies (Guyana, Yemen); and
  • Developed a diagnostic tool for identifying transport and logistics constraints on trade integration.

As a result of this project, developing countries can better coordinate donor assistance; identify resources for assistance, including resources in their own private sectors; and direct assistance to sectors and topics of greatest impact.
In addition, USAID’s staff now has significantly greater capacity to design, implement, oversee, and evaluate trade-related technical assistance and to provide intellectual and programmatic leadership related to trade capacity building.

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