Tim Robinson is the Principal Economist at Nathan. With nearly 15 years’ experience in international development spanning several countries and institutions, his expertise covers macroeconomic modelling and policy, data analytics, public financial management and domestic revenue mobilization.

Prior to his work with Nathan, Mr. Robinson was the Director for the Australia-PNG Economic Partnerships and has been a senior economic advisor to Treasurers and Deputy Prime Ministers for Papua New Guinea. He has previously worked with Nathan Associates as a Principal Associate, and prior to that had been a Macro and PFM Advisor for the Governments of Afghanistan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Egypt, Uganda, among others. He has worked across several agencies, including the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, US Treasury, and multiple others advising and undertaking research as well as helping groups like the UK’s FCDO develop country strategies for economic interventions. This work has ranged from the development of financial programming frameworks that can be easily populated and updated by governments, to econometric modelling; as well as work on budget planning and the developing of fiscal space analysis, to cash management processes and fiscal reporting.


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