DeHaven, Lauren Nathan Associates

Lauren DeHaven is a skilled international development professional who applies her quantitative and qualitative skills to financial inclusion, challenge funds, and research assignments for sub-Saharan African and south-east Asian countries. During her 9-year career, she has worked with major international organizations, international NGOs, and donors such as the UNCDF, DFID, the World Bank/IFC, FSD Africa, and EBRD.

For example, for FSD Africa, Ms. DeHaven performed a market scoping for sub-Saharan African countries in their current state and the potential for agricultural equipment leasing. She designed and drafted operations manuals for the UNCDF SHIFT programme Fund Facility, and served on Nathan’s design team for the MasterCard Foundation’s Fund for Rural Prosperity (FRP).

As part of that team, Ms. DeHaven undertook market research to determine the geographical scope of the two windows of the FRP, the Innovation Window and the Scaling Window, and assisted in defining the governance structure and the eligibility and selection criteria of the two windows.

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