Kalai Selvan Nathan Associates

Mr. Selvan has six years of experience in India, Bangladesh, Africa, and Canada as an economist, focusing on primary research interest in the fields of agriculture, monitoring and evaluation, development economics, nutrition and environmental economics. He specializes in using quantitative analysis to evaluate economic impact, the study of climate change and adaptation.

His research and development experience includes statistical methods and has strong analytical skills in applied econometrics and statistics.

Mr. Selvan has industry experience in education, health, and agriculture, including nutritional and impact analysis and using quantitative analysis to evaluate economic impact, climate change, adaptation and environmental issues and provide economic advice on behavioral economics and policy measures.

Before joining Nathan Associates, he conducted research on agriculture and development economics at M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation. His primary survey work included household socioeconomic status, anthropometry, food frequency, nutrition, and market surveys in various parts of India.

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