To generate wealth while raising the nation’s standard of living, Sri Lanka’s industries are striving to become competitive in global markets. To encourage the pursuit of competitiveness, industry clusters those best able to understand the needs of industry and the role of government assess industries and devise strategies for long-term success.

Nathan Associates managed The Competitiveness Initiative (TCI), offering direct assistance to eight industry clusters and supporting constructive dialogue between the public and private sectors. The project promoted productivity by supporting sophisticated commercial strategies and a progressive policy environment.

Our team helped develop industry clusters for ceramics, coir, information and communications technology, jewelry, rubber, spices, tea, and tourism; conducted benchmarking analyses of industry clusters; and worked with clusters to devise business strategies that stress value, market orientation, and productivity.

  • Led strategy sessions on maximizing cluster participation in international markets while sustaining productivity and income gains,
  • Supported studies and technical assistance for strategy implementation, public sector policy change, and public-private sector dialogue,
  • Created a National Competitiveness Council for policymaking,
  • Assisted Sri Lankan Chambers of Commerce and private associations in advocating reforms, and
  • Had Sri Lanka included in the Global Competitiveness Report, 2001

For more information, contact John Varley.

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