Nathan helped the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) reform public financial management (PFM) systems.  The project worked on a demand-driven basis to provide support across a broad spectrum of PFM topics, as the government needs them.  The project has worked with nearly every ministry within the GOSL to improve and standardize audit and procurement processes and capabilities to deliver more accountable and efficient services for the Sri Lankan people.

Improve External and Internal Audit Capacity. Nathan has worked with the Auditor General (AG) of Sri Lanka and the Ministry of Finance to train more than 1500 civil servants in financial, forensic, IT, performance, and procurement audit. Nathan has also developed new audit manuals and supported the AG in developing its own training capacity to expand audit best practices for internal audit to all ministries throughout the GOSL.

Strengthen Public Procurement Systems. Nathan has helped the Government of Sri Lanka establish the National Procurement Commission (NPC), constitutionally mandated in 2015 as part of the new government’s 100 day reform plan. Nathan has worked with the NPC to establish an organizational structure, define job descriptions, and develop policies, including establishing procedures for reviewing unsolicited proposals and blacklisting bidders. The NPC has now grown into being the primary decision-making body for procurement policy within the GOSL and is working with more than 50 government ministries to standardize procurement processes throughout the government.

Develop Capacity for Public-Private Partnerships (PPP). Nathan has worked closely with the Department of Public Finance to modernize procedures for developing public-private partnerships throughout the government. Nathan has provided expert advice on reforming the national and subnational PPP Guidelines to align with international best practices and local norms.  The project has also trained civil servants from more than 30 line ministries, chambers of commerce, and the private sector on PPPs, ranging from providing general information on the benefits and structure of PPPs to advanced analytical techniques for evaluating PPP proposals.  The NPC is currently leading a final review of the PPP Guidelines for approval and acceptance throughout the government.

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