Located on nearly 5,000 acres across from Panama City on the west bank of the Panama Canal, Howard Air Force Base is a fully functioning military airport with an 8,500-foot runway and nearly 40,000 square meters of covered hangar space.

It also has offices and warehouses, more than 700 residential units, and complete power, water, and telecommunications infrastructures. In November 1999, the U.S. military transferred Howard to the Government of Panama.


Autoridad de la Region Interocenica (ARI), a Government of Panama entity, responsible for converting the base to civilian use.


Gauge interest of air cargo carriers and manufacturing and assembly firms in the proposed transformation of the base into a multimodal industrial and commercial centerand, ultimately, a world-class manufacturing and logistics platform for exporters. Define attributes that would be most appealing and valuable to prospective tenants.


  • Surveyed nearly 200 firms in North and South America, Europe, and Asia to develop information on business and air cargo activities, design preferences, and interest in the location.
  • Assessed demand for the facility and analyzed the regional North-South America air cargo market.
  • Recommended a development strategy that targeted third-party aircraft maintenance firms as near-term users, air courier express and air cargo operators as medium-term users, and shippers and third-party logistics firms as long-term users.
  • Created a 20-year phased expansion plan, including GIS-based plans for facility development and construction cost estimates.
  • Proposed a public-private partnership to develop the facility.
  • Devised a promotion program with immediate actions to follow up on the expressed interest of third-party aircraft maintenance firms and recommended ways to overcome competitive weaknesses.
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