• January 20, 2010

Local businesses benefit from surveys, impact analysis, and econometric analysis

Nathan India, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nathan Associates Inc., has opened an office in Chennai, India. Staffed with expert economists and highly skilled researchers, the subsidiary is providing private sector clients a range of services–from market surveys and econometric analysis of survey data to economic impact analysis of industrial development on the environment. Clients include Indian banks, providers of analytical services, and conglomerates, as well as U.S. trade associations and litigation clients.

Nathan India is also pursuing work in sports economics in the wake of cricket franchise development through the Indian Premier League. In the May issue of Business Today, Ram Tamara, Managing Director, and Michael Maloney, a principal consultant to the firm, said that to be successful the franchises need to understand the fans–what they are willing to pay for tickets, who they are likely to be in the future, and what they expect from the games.

Ram Tamara, Managing Director of Nathan India with expertise in industrial organization, corporate finance, and financial economics, joined Nathan Associates in 2000. Mr. Tamara has a PhD in economics from Clemson University. Senior Economist Shanto Sadhu, former professor of economics at the Rochester Institute of Technology and the Madras School of Economics, earned his PhD from the State University of New York at Albany. Assisting Mr. Tamara and Mr. Sadhu are four stellar researchers newly graduated from Madras University with master’s degrees in economics: Arindam Jana, Subham Kailthya, Vinod Kumar, and Rasika Raghavan.

To learn more about Nathan India and its services contact Mr. Tamara at

Nathan Economic Consulting India Private Ltd. 
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Chennai 600 018
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