• December 21, 2009

Date: 2001-2005

The influence of the highly successful Croatian Competitiveness Initiative (CCI) was recognized in the recent election of Charles Conconi, Nathan Associates’ Chief of Party for the project, to the Board of Governors of Croatia’s American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham). A USAID-funded program, CCI has helped set up local agencies devoted to job training, business park development, business incubation, and the establishment of economic free zones. CCI has provided experts to assist one agency with industrial park development, leading to new construction on nearly 50 lots at 8 separate parks in 2 years. This is in addition the project’s core activity of building competitiveness in key economic sectors in Croatia: wood, tourism, and information technology.

As one of seven members of the AmCham Board of Governors, Mr. Conconi will guide and advise on activities that support private sector growth and encourage solid business relationships between Croatian and U.S. businesses. On December 2 he attended an AmCham luncheon at which company representatives described to President Mesic their vision for cooperating in improving Croatia’s environment. In addition, Mr. Conconi has already helped establish a Competitiveness Committee at AmCham. Through that committee, he hopes to follow-up on the success of CCI.

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