• March 26, 2012

Demonstrates ”outstanding commitment to sustainability”

March 22, 2012-Nathan Associates and 15 other firms in Arlington received a bronze award for instituting practices that saved $2 million in energy and water costs and prevented the release of 10,000 tons of C02 over the past year in the county.

Nathan Associates, Green Committee, led by Ms. Nora Derrick, instituted the following no- or low-cost practices:

  • Defaulting networks for double-sided printing
  • Purchasing ”green” office products
  • Conducting transportation survey to determine how employees commute to work
  • Encouraging participation in Bike to Work Day and Car Free Pledge Day
  • Providing incentives for employees to use public transportation
  • Establishing policy for use of hybrid taxis
  • Converting to green cleaning supplies
  • Hosting educational events for staff
  • Providing reusable and recyclable water bottles to staff to reduce the use of disposable cups.

The Green Games competition involved more than 100 buildings and offices in Arlington’s commercial sector,or a third of all office space. The competition was divided into tenants and buildings, who were scored at three levels: Gold (76-100 points), Silver (51-75), and Bronze (26-50).

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