• August 17, 2011

August 11-Nathan Associates, employee-shareholders elected the firm’s seven-member board of directors for 2011-2012, bringing the number of outside, independent directors to four.

CEO John Beyer remains as Chairman. Outside directors include Richard Burtner, Katherine Clark, Valerie Perlowitz, and Tessie San Martin, a new member of the board with deep knowledge of the market for international development. Mr. Burtner is chair of the Audit Committee, assisted by Lakhbir Singh President of Nathan Associates, and Marvin Morris, CFO. Ms. Perlowitz is chair of the Compensation Committee and is assisted by former Chairman Joseph Gunn.

With the election of Ms. San Martin, the majority of Nathan?s board is now independent of the firm, bringing both rigor and fresh strategic perspective to company governance and planning.

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