The purpose of this project, which followed on Nathan’s Mozambique Mainstreaming project, was to increase international market access for Mozambican products, and reduce the costs of doing business in Mozambique.

Lower costs enable local firms to become more efficient and compete against imports. Improved trade and investment policies, trade institutions, technical and analytic skills, and policy coordination, enable labor-intensive producers to gain more access to international markets. The project also worked with other donors and the Millennium Challenge Corporation.

The project performed the following activities:

  • Conducted a study of policy environment for telecommunications in Mozambique
  • Recommended how to cut costs, boost efficiency, and encourage competition in the airline industry without compromising air safety
  • Drafted reforms for the country’s labor law; recommended how to structure a public-private partnership to enforce environmental standards in Pemba Bay
  • Conducted a workshop on competition policy
  • Delivered training on trade and economics
  • Made the Minister of Industry and Trade aware of challenges facing Mozambique’s textiles and apparel industry.

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